To Better Develop Your Students, You Must Continue to Develop Yourself!

Again this year, I attended the Philadelphia College Prep Roundtable (PCPR) Annual Conference, their 8th. This organization is a consortium of education professionals who care deeply about how best to help students navigate their postsecondary success journeys. But that caring starts with their own professional development as educators. In addition to their annual conferences, there are monthly networking meetings where they come together to discuss relevant topics, with presenters from both the secondary and postsecondary arenas who address various current issues & disseminate information. I have been involved with PCPR for quite a few years, as a member and a conference presenter (most recently this year) and cannot think of a better way to stay current with the issues that impact student success as they move forward from high school.  As a long-time educator by training and experience, I know that it is critical to interact with fellow professionals to remain relevant and learn how to better serve the students we care about so much.

If you are local to the Philadelphia area, I urge you to go to PCPR’s website ( and find out more about who they are, what they do, and strongly consider getting involved. If you are in another city, find out if there is anything like PCPR where you live; if so, join them…if not, why not start something like it yourself! Our students needs our help every day, and our colleagues need to know that there is support available for this important work that we do. So get out there and get after it, people! 


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