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Standing Up For Our Children (A Not-So-Instant Replay)

When people ask me if I’m ready to retire, I am very quick to answer, “No, there’s still too much to do!” At 65, and having been an educator for some 30 years now, most of which has been spent in one urban setting or another, one might think that I’d had enough and that I’d love nothing more than to sit on a beach with an umbrella drink in my hand and watch the tide roll in – though that does have its appeal! But when I think of the students that I’ve worked with over the years, especially the last two school years, and the challenges that many of them have faced and overcome…in all good conscience, I cannot site on my ass-ets and not stand up for them all. It really burns my bacon that policiesĀ and regulations continue to be passed that have no hope of setting students up for success in the real world – I’m not going to lament here because I’ve published those thoughts previously. This is simply a battle cry to those of us who know that “the struggle is real” and ongoing, and that if we don’t continue to stand and fight, who will? So if you’re like me and you sometimes feel like giving up, remember what I’m sure you have told your students at some point: what you do with your life is is supposed to make the world a better place because you were here…don’t stop now; there’s still too much to do!!


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